Shopping world in Jakarta becomes even greater and more colorful with the recent opening of some new shopping centers. All of Jakarta's area
has their own shopping centre icon depending on the characteristic of the shoppers. When planning a trip to Jakarta, consider spending a day at
one of the many modern shopping malls the city has to offer. You may welcome a day off from tourist and cultural sites and enjoy spending time
in air-conditioned comfort, where you can relax and shop without annoying hawkers. From 1985 to 2000 a million square meters of shopping
space was built in Jakarta. Since 2000, the same amount has been built again, and the city can expect to see another million square meters by
2008. Therefore there are choices galore for shoppers.

Amongst Indonesia's emerging middle and upper classes international brand-consciousness is strong. Discerning shoppers seek original goods,
which these shops can guarantee. Often, due to special sales or discounts, international fashions may actually be cheaper in Jakarta than in
other fashion centers.

Jakarta has a large number of giant, glittering malls. Note that, for imported goods, prices in some of the Plazas' designer shops could actually be
higher than what would be charged in the same shop in other countries. Shopping Centers in Jakarta are also takes the race in providing their self
with many more entertainment for the costumers. From cinemas, ice skating arena, up to game station. You don't need to feel confuse to eat
because the food courts and restaurants are ready to serve. If you just want to hang out, just go to the cafe' and bar. They sure will make your
days more colorful and happy.

Nevertheless, Jakarta also spoils you with conventional shopping rules, with bargaining. For this, just choose some Tanah Abang, Pasar Senen
and Pasar Rawa Belong. We can enjoy Indonesia's heritage while shopping from accent language and culture from the seller. We can also enjoy
the goods which are unique and interesting.

With touch of modern esthetic, some traditional markets are dressed-up so that they no longer look dark and untidy. You can shop as comfortable
as you shop at the mall, with freedom and romantic from traditional markets.

Welcome to Jakarta and enjoy a glorious shopping adventure!

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