This zoo is considered the most visited by tourist & local people, over three million visitors visit the zoo each year. The zoo has this unique

It's built and designed based on an open zoo concept. Its animal collection of 3000, consists of 270 species, where 90% are native to Indonesia.
Each animal is exhibited imitating their natural habitat so that visitor can come close to them.

Success in captivity breeding program, Ragunan zoo plays an important role in animal conservation. Many animals that have successfully breed,
are; white tigers, Sumatran tigers, pythons, komodo dragons, and other birds, like cockatoos, parrots and cassowary.

Over 50.000 specimen are spread in the park, making the atmosphere cool and comfortable both for the animals and visitors alike.

Short History

The first public zoo named "Planten En Dierentuin" in Batavia (Jakarta) officially opened in 1864 on a site known as Cikini area, Central Jakarta,
operated Association of Flora and Fauna Lover at Batavia (Culturule Vereniging Planten en Dierentuin at Batavia). The area is 10 hectares, it's
granted by Raden Saleh, a famous painter of Indonesia. After Indonesia gained freedom from the Dutch, its name changed Cikini zoo in 1949. The
site at Cikini area had become too small and was not suited to the vision. A new site for the zoo was sought. In 1964 the Jakarta Government
granted 30 hectares of land south of Jakarta suburb in Ragunan, Pasar Minggu. Ragunan zoo was officially opened on June 22, 1966 by Governor
of Jakarta City named Taman Margasatwa Ragunan (Ragunan Zoological Park). The management of the zoo passed to an animal lover, Benjamin
Gaulstaun as first director.


Children Zoo

The Children Zoo is a miniature zoo for children study on animals. You can find any kind animals, like chicken, goats, cows, rabbits and another
domesticated animals. Here, the children will be introduced them in order to they have sense of caring and loving. Also they can touch them, hold
them and feed them. Any facilities available here such as playing ground - a place for children playing where it made imitate their home in the wild
like mouse tunnel, spider net and tree house building, a place for learning activity and having a party.

Information Center

Information center is a place for giving information to the public. Available facilities are meeting room, promotion room, audio-visual room and

Canoe Park

Canoe park is a 2.000 m square - artificial lake where is found some artificial islands in the middle. The islands are made imitate their animal
habitat in the wild, like tropical rain forest. You can find some kind of animals like siamang-gibbon, deers, tree kangaroos, leaf monkeys and
ring-tailed lemurs. The lake is also a paradise for water bird like cormorant, darter, heron, stork, ibis, and king fisher and some other vertebrate like
small - clawed otter, and swamp snake. You can go around the islands by canoe.

Schmutzer Primate Center

The primate center has a role's play of important in primate conservation and also as the Windows of Primate Information. The 13 hectares -
complex of primate center is designed by concept open zoo where the animals live like in their natural habitat in the wild. Facilities available
include captive breeding, kitchen, laboratory, quarantine and zoo education center.

Flinstone Raft

Flinstone Raft is a new media of recreation shaped canoe made of fiberglass similar to logs. It's shaped square measured around 2x4 meters. The
capacity can reach 25 people. The model is made imitate pre historic canoe like Flinstone film and powered by machine.
Provided by the Tourism Authority of Jakarta
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Attractions & Entertainments
Ragunan Zoo

Jl. R.M. Harsono No. 1 Ragunan Jakarta 12550 South Jakarta
Phone: (062 21) 7820015, 789015, 7806975
Fax. (062 21) 7805280
Jaya Ancol Dreamland

Jl. R.E. Martadinata, North Jakarta
Phone: (62 21) 645-0117 / 6450-6711 / 640-6712, Fax: (62 21) 645-0118
This is Jakarta's largest and most popular recreation park. Its extensive range of attractions includes sea and fresh-water aquariums, swimming
pools, an artificial lagoon for fishing and boating, a bowling alley, as well as an assortment of nightclubs restaurants, and massage parlors.
The Ancol complex includes a marina, Dunia Fantasi (Fantasy Land), a golf course, hotels and a drive-in theatre. The 'Pasar Seni' or art market
has a varied collection of Indonesian handicraft, paintings and souvenirs on sale. An open-air theatre features live performances by local artists.


Enjoy Jakarta's own Disneyland where you can discover a cultural journey through Indonesia and many other countries. With the accent on fun,
other attractions include a thrilling cork screw roller coaster, adventurous flume rides, turbo tour simulators, bumper cars as well as many other
exciting fairground amusements. Open Mon to Sat, from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. Sun from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m
Pasar Seni Ancol ( Art Market )

This colorful open-air market located in the Ancol Amusement Park provides the unique experience of not only
buying quality Indonesian arts and craft, but also a chance to see and meet the artisans at work. You can
watch puppet makers, wood-carvers, painters, and many other craft makers from throughout the archipelago
cheerfully working on their creations.

At this art and handicraft market, visitors get to watch Indonesian artists creating their masterpieces. Hundreds
of artists from all over the country congregate here to exhibit their work, making the spot a fascinating place for
tourists and art connoisseurs. You can even get a portrait of yourself done.
Both traditional and modern art and crafts are on display, including paintings, sculptures, traditional Indonesian wayang kulit (leather puppets),
gemstone jewelry and many other artistic products Art performances are frequently held at the Art Market (Pasar Seni) inside the Jaya Ancol
Dreamland on Jakarta's beach. They normally range from wayang kulit shadow plays to folk dances and modern drama.
Open Monday to Saturday, from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.; Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Amusement Park - Fantasy World

A village unto itself, this 24-hour park has hotels, nightclubs, shops, and amusement centers, including an
oceanarium with dolphin and sea lion shows, a golf course, a race-car track, a four-pool complex with a wave
pool, and water slides. Africa is represented by a comedy of mechanized monkeys, America by a Wild West
town, Europe by a mock Tudor house, and Asia by buildings from Thailand, Japan, India, and Korea. Rides,
shooting galleries, and food stalls surround these attractions, all set on 1,360 acres of land reclaimed from
the bay in 1962. COST: Admission. Sat.-Thurs. 11-6, Fri. 1:20-10
Ancol Beach

This water park consists of various pools and slides that will thrill both children and adults that never quite grew up.
Experience a day of fun-filled adventures by braving the rapids, diving down the slides, enjoying the exciting water rides
or just splashing around. The theme park was refurbished several times to ensure safety and everlasting fun.
Nonetheless children must always be supervised by adults. The poolside restaurant is popular for its variety of local
Marina Ancol

This is a special port for yachts, motor and sail boats, and the port of departure to Kepulauan Seribu or Thousand
Islands resorts. This is also the a good location for windsurfing and other marine recreation. Beach facilities for the sea
or lagoon area are amply provided: water cycles, canoes, sail boats, fishing gear and many others. Stall are abundant,
serving drinks and snacks along the beach

This giant oceanarium proudly introduces visitors to more than 4,000 fish and sharks from 300 species.
Come and enjoy the deep-sea panorama while strolling through an 80-meter tunnel. The fascinating creatures
live in some 500 million liters of seawater and are fed three times a day (some hand-fed). The attraction also
features a theater which plays three educational films in English and Bahasa Indonesia.
Open Monday to Saturday, from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m.; Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Ancol Golf Course

Built as part of the giant recreational area in Ancol Dreamland in North Jakarta, the 18-hole plays to par 17 with a
length of 6,501 meters. Here, the sea wind is often an interesting challenge for golfers. Padang Golf Jaya Ancol has no
membership restrictions and is suitable for those wishing to combine golf with a family outing. Facilities at the
clubhouse include club rental, pro shop, driving range, locker rooms, hot / cold showers and a spacious parking lot.
Indonesia in Miniature Park
An extensive park to get a glimpse of the diverseness of the Indonesian archipelago, it represents Indonesia's provinces and their outstanding
characteristics, reflected most strikingly in the exact regional architecture of the province. It has its own orchid garden in which hundreds of
Indonesian orchid varieties are grown.

There is also a bird park with a walk-in aviary, a fauna museum and recreational grounds with a swimming pool and restaurants of special interest
here at Taman Mini is the Museum Indonesia. A richly decorated building in Balinese architecture, it houses contemporary arts crafts and
traditional costumes from the different regions of the country.

Indonesia in Miniature Park
Jl. Taman Mini I, East Jakarta
Phone: (62 21) 840-1687, Fax: (62 21) 841-1464

In Jakarta, you'll find trendy clubs and bars, ideal places for convivial drinking, sounds of DJs late into the night. Jakarta also boasts largest
concentration of live music venues, where local and international bands cover everything from grunge rock, techno to jazz, blues, the
avante-garde, discos, nightclubs, pubs, jazz and rock concerts. Spas In Indonesia especially in Jakarta have enjoyed an incredible growth priod
in the last seven years. Today, few hotels of any caliber carry out their own treatment rooms. The level of luxury often reflected in the prices and
so it should visitors to pay for the ambiance as muchas the opportunity to linger the floral bath, anointed with healing aromatic oils and treated to
pampering sensation that few imagine at home.
Health and Spa
Most spas in Jakarta offer variety treatments, from the natural and relaxing, to the modern and indulging. A
lot of travelers prefer natural treatments from Indonesia which famous such as lulur, a body scrubs with
traditional herbs.

Some of Jakarta's spas are:
at Jl.K.H Mas Mansyur Kav. 46 (Tel.: 62-21 579 00626)
Bimasena Spa
at Dharmawangsa HoTel (Tel.: 62-21 725 8181)
Life Spa
at The Sultan HoTel (Tel.: 62-21 570 3600)
Mandara Spa
at Alila HoTel (Tel.: 62-21 231 6008)
Taman Sari
at Jl. KH. Wahid Hasyim 133 (Tel.: 62-21 314 3585)
The Spa
at Four Seasons HoTel (Tel.: 62-21 252 3456)
9Clouds Jakarta

9 Floor Menara Jamsostek
Address : Jl. Gatot Subroto No.38, Jakarta 12710
Phone : +62 21 2522277
Fax : +62 21 2522266
Operating Hours :
Monday to Thursday : 11.00 - 01.00
Friday to Saturday : 11.00 - 05.00

9Clouds is a restaurant, lounge and club located in the 9th floor of the Menara Jamsostek, on Gatot Subroto. It is a
correct place for eating, though a bit pricey. The best thing about 9Clouds is the nice view on Jakarta, perfect for
chilling. The club is not always full, so make sure to come when there are special events if you don't want to be
Absolute Cafe'
Address : Jl. Jaksa No. 5
Phone : 021-31909847
Open until 3am, sometimes after..

Absolute is one of the only bar in Jaksa with air-con. Lots of English teachers and journalists, and also some girls from Jaksa. Free pool table,
darts, cheap beer, Premier League Soccer games on screen and always quite crowded by the same group of people. Nice.

After Hour
Address : Sarinah Building 2nd Fl., Jl.MH Thamrin
No. 11 - Central Jakarta.
Phone : +62 21 39832047
Fax : +62 21 39832048

Facilities : a pool (billiard) venue with 2 bars, 20 excellent pool tables and a lone snooker table. Two floors.
Opening hours: 12.00 PM to 02.00 AM.

Airman Planet Lounge - The Rych At Sultan
The Sultan Hotel - Lobby Lagoon Tower
Address : Jl. Gatot Subroto - Jakarta 10002
Phone : +62 21 570 7125
Fax : +62 21 570 7126

Airman Planet Lounge... What a name for a venue in a five-star hotel! The Sultan, ex-Hilton, doesn't have the reputation to be a rocking place, but
this new lounge may bring some excitment.. Airman Planet Lounge is open every day of the week until 00h30 (1h30 during weekends), and it
has a live band every evening at 9PM. Expensive, but great sound system and service.

Address : Surya building on Jalan Thamrin, Central Jakarta
Specialties : mostly a lace to have Mexican cuisine. It also features bands country and western. The bar is always crowded an Friday and
Saturday nights.